The impact of our interpersonal relationships in life shapes us in uplifting and destructive ways. We eventually become a reflection of those experiences. We are then left with the challenge of understanding moments and individuals who have impacted our lives so profoundly. The reality of consequences in the form of regret, sorrow, and ultimately personal growth allows us to experience a catharsis, and eventually to become whole again.

I have embarked on an investigation, or one may say a journey to express the honest feelings and attitudes of those experiences. This motivation is inspired from the realization that we are ultimately fractured individuals who seek information about our existence. However, our existence is much more than a physical presence. I use the moments and memories of individuals whom I have come in contact with by chance and fate to exemplify these feelings. These special interactions can leave us with the sense of being overwhelmed by a force of nature, or can represent an intimidating conflict. We can also experience the transcending feelings of growing in our interpersonal relationships.

I am best able to exemplify these concepts through a combination of hybrid artworks. I believe that through my works of art I am able to represent the recollection of meeting someone for the first time and the sorrow that comes from losing that relationship. There is also conflict of relationships and the regret that comes from painful experiences. Ultimately, there is a wisdom that evolves from reflection and a transcending personal growth. I choose to exhibit the energy of these interactions through a combination of abstract imagery and brilliant garish colors through various printmaking disciplines that at times involve a spiritual, scientific, and philosophical approach.

As I examine my place in the world as an artist, there is a great responsibility that I have undertaken to unravel the complexities and mystery of our interconnections. I believe through a continued and concerted effort, I can come to some level of resolution and in the process motivate others in creative and innovative ways.