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This Site Map will give a brief description of the evolution of each series and the materials used for the work. Please feel free to send me questions regarding any of the processes and any comments you may have about each series.

Gallery 1
Earth Movement
Created 2010 Akua Monotype 8" X 12" (oil paint, oil pastel, color pencil).

This suite of prints investigates the viceral movement of changes in the earth. Satalite images that describe the earth natural process.

Gallery 2
Part 1 "The Mending Tree"
Created 2008 Mixed Media Digital Print 16" X 20" (incoporated airbrush).

"I have healed many lives of many lies, give yourself to the mending tree.." Part one of this suite of prints reflects the a story that is being written by the artist that describes an individual's journey to a supernatural being called the "The Mending Tree". Part one is integrated with oak sculpture and denotes the weathered bark of the tree as it has taken in all the pain and suffering from many souls.

Gallery 3
"The Last Sin"
Created 2008 Lithograph 22" X 30" 15 in series (Edition Size Starting at 2/50) Reeves BFK.

The Last Sin is a collective group of lithographs that expresses the torn soul of an individual that comes to an awareness of a destructive life. In actualizing this awareness, it must endure the twisted pain that becomes the Last Sin.

Gallery 4
House of Pain: Red Knots
Created 2007-2008 Mixed Media Painting 48" X 72" ( Resin, Glass, Polymer, Acrylic, Latex Paint).

The House of Pain, is a personal experience the artist has investigated the physical restraint of mind, body and will caused by pain. These paintings denote blood, decay, and the constant strain from day to day.

Gallery 5
"The Promise"
Created 2006-2007 Mixed Media Digital Print 8" X 10" Espson Archival.

A Promise said should be a promise kept. This series is the expressive interconnection of promises made and how each individual bonds to another. During this process the artworks provide a visual connection of layered pieces that are presented as a unified representation.

Gallery 6
"The Tight Rope"
Created 2006-2007 Mixed Media Digital Print 8" X 10" Espson Archival .

"The Tight Rope" series is a group of prints that explore the edges of personal limits and endurance through time. Seeded in deep cyan and ultramarine blue, each artwork projects the overwhelming pressures of life and pressures that one may encounter. These common experiences can be related to a monumental wave about to overtake a person.

Gallery 7
"MFA Ehibit UMA: In The End 2010"
Created 2010 D 6" x H 67 1/2 x L 24' As connected installation ".

"In The End" moves the concept of the reality of illness, time, loss and depleted energy. This MFA Exhibit is a multi media artwork, including florecent lights, Airbrush, Oil Painting, and Digital artwork.

Gallery 8
"Finding Antipathy"
Created 3005-2008 Mixed Media Lithographs: Stone and Plate Lithography 22" X 30".

A collection of lithographs that explores spontaneous energy, gesture and movement. A foundational group of artworks that have provided great insight to the automatic experience of making art that expresses physiological debacles.